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About Snopje

We are a team of professionals who have combined knowledge, experience and passion for building with natural materials to create homes that respect human needs, health, the environment and natural resources.

A team that brings nature and people together

Snopje is a collection of many bundles of us, bound together by our respect for nature and its resources, our desire to realize an efficient and simple sustainable building solution and our immense determination to achieve this goal together. Natural and human capital are key factors in our growth.
Our mission is to create homes that are healthy, comfortable, energy efficient and in harmony with nature. We believe that the use of natural materials and sustainable building techniques can improve people’s lives and reduce the negative impact of construction on our planet.

As a team, we follow the latest trends and research in sustainable construction, renewable energy and green technologies. We work with local suppliers of high-quality natural materials, and we strive with them to improve our products and services.

Our team

Tomaž Činč

Univ. B.Sc. econ., director and co-owner of the company, conceptual and organizational leader

Melita Činč Belec

Univ. B.Sc. econ., director

Mateja Žerjav

Univ. B.Sc. of civil engineering

Karmela Šoštarič


Projects that combine nature and comfort

Browse through our selected projects and find inspiration to make your dreams come true.


Blaguš lake


House with a view over Savinjska valley



Get in touch with us

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information about our glamping pods, homes or services.

Our team will be happy to help and work with you to find the best solutions for your accommodation needs.